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How To Achieve Your Dreams As a Mum [Ebook]  × 1 3,000.00
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Over 25 different Life-changing classes for every Mum!! All topics are focused on making you a happier mum while raising happy and confident children

- Deal with bullying, Identify your child’s learning style and use it to your advantage, Super boost your child’s confidence series, Learn to eat and enjoy your food in peace with your kids around when you don’t want to share, A realistic and practical approach to keep your child occupied with less TV, Self-care- What keeps you going as a MUM, How to enjoy and make traveling with your kids hassle-free series, Reasons why kids turn out great or messed up, Learn how to use house routines as a tool to connect as a family, How to monitor your kids' activity and keep them safe online., 7 practical ways to handle and prevent tantrums, How to be a more patient mum

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Product Subtotal
How To Achieve Your Dreams As a Mum [Ebook]  × 1 3,000.00
Subtotal 3,000.00
Total 3,000.00
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1. You don’t want to spank but don’t know what other measures to use.
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