The new, revolutionary & result-driven potty training method that gets your child to say YES! to potty in one week or lesser

Potty training expert gives away all her secrets to mums with 12+ months old children, so it can liberate them from the shackles of diapers, have more freedom and time to focus on other aspects of their child's development.


– 95% of mums say they experience a remarkable result under one week
– 700+ babies potty-trained in the last 3 years

Finally, get your child POTTY-TRAINED in one week or lesser.

Not only has this method potty-trained 700+ children in the shortest time…

It has lifted the burden of uncontrollable (but avoidable) diaper expenses and given mums freedom from potty training overwhelm and exhaustion… all in just 7 days or lesser.

No longer does it have to take weeks, months, or years to get your child to cooperate with you, say YES! to potty, and eventually learn to use the bathroom by him/herself so you don’t have to clean up any messes.

Gone are the days when you needed to shout, nag, spank, and be taken over by the frustration of potty-training your child…

Or the era when you rely on your own child’s timing to self potty-train him/herself, which could take them up to 3-6years before they stop messing up everywhere and bedwetting.

If your child is as young as 12months old, you can begin to have dry days and nights by this time next week (7 days time), if you give attention to and implement this simple-to-use and easy-to-follow potty training guide.

It’s the simplest, easiest, and most effective potty training that won’t only save you time, money on diapers, boost your child’s confidence and sense of independence…

But also helps you live a happy and fulfilled mummy life, all in the shortest time.has

Here's what the MUMS like you are saying...

Dear Mama,

Yes, I get it. You’ve tried everything you could to potty-train your child… 

Got trainers, watched YouTube videos, joined mums communities and facebook groups, Google searches…

Maybe you even bought courses but none of them got you anything close to your desired results.

You have heard people say they potty-trained their children in a few weeks but you don’t know how to go about it or yours is taking forever.

Excessive spending on diapers and nappies, the exhaustion of cleaning up your child, and the nuisance of your child’s frequent messes is making you lose your sanity and your life is becoming more disorganized by the day.

You have shouted, spanked and nagged so much it’s now telling on your child’s confidence to learn and do things right.

It has become frustrating, exhausting and you seem to be out of options trying to potty-train your child.


Because you don’t have any results to show, you might already be thinking that potty training is not for your child…

And it’s possible you have come to a point where you’ve started telling your child statements like…

“I cannot come and go and die, when you are ready you will go to toilet by yourself” but other mums like you potty-trained their children and did not die

Or “nobody potty-trained me, you will learn it when you are ready”… and if s/he is still getting messed up and bedwetting at 6+ years of age, would you still be cool making those comments?

Potty training can be so frustrating especially when you’ve tried all you could but didn’t make any reasonable progress.

Mama, put all that behind you right now and be open to a simple method that will help you to potty-train your child by this time next week.

You're probably telling yourself it's not possible...

It’s okay for you to be skeptical about my bold claims. It just goes to show that you have never seen such in the past. 

That was because you didn’t know better… you didn’t know what works and how to get your child to cooperate with you without shouting, nagging and spanking.

You probably thought potty training should take you a couple of weeks or months…

That’s the same feeling most mums had until they saw a better way… the MUMMYCLINICC way.

I will reveal to you “the simplest, easiest and most effective potty training that saves you time, money on diapers, boost your child’s confidence, makes your child independent, and helps you live a happy and fulfilled mummy life, all in the shortest time possible.”

See what Mofolusade, the founder of and an Instagram influencer has to say...

Mofolusade had terrible challenges potty training her son (babyprenuer). Finding out about my potty training was a lifesaver for her. 

She had to come out on social media to do this video, recommending Mummyclinicc to mums like you.

Who am I, and why should you trust me?

My name is Temi Olajide, Nigeria’s 1st Child Sleep Consultant, a certified Child Psychologist and Potty Training Expert.

In the last 3 years I have worked with mums to potty-train 700+ children. I know exactly what works.

I recognize the difficulty you are experiencing in your attempt to potty-train your child and that’s why I have created this highly impactful and very practical video course to guide, simplify, make easy, and speed up your child’s potty training journey.

Down to every feel and every word, this course is tailored for you. It’s based on over 15years of experience.

This course gives you the tools to finally become a fulfilled, happier mum with a diaper-free little one!


the last or only potty training course you will ever take... ever!

potty train

I know how hard potty training can be, but I also know that it can be a wonderful experience for everyone.

Just like when you weaned your child, you didn’t just wake up one day, looked the child in the face and said “I am no more buying baby foods, no more breast milk, you’re now going to be eating solid food like all of us”. No, I know you love your child that you wouldn’t do that.

In the same light, potty training your little one is more than your strong will and desire. There are things to do in order to make it a success.

In this video training, you will learn simple, practical, step-by-step instructions I promise will work for your child. You’ll love it and come back to say thank you like countless others.

Before I show you the course details, see what more mums like you said...

Click on image to enlarge

As you would notice, those were ‘AWE’mazing testimonies from real people. That tells you it is possible for your child to be potty-trained in the shortest time.

Would you also want to get these kinds of results and end your struggles?

VIDEO 1 (Worth N30,000)

In this 1-hour long video, you will:

✅ learn and show the most effective technique to potty-train your child.

✅ help your child become successful on the potty by using the right tools.

✅ learn how potty training can boost your child’s self-confidence, sense of independence, and happiness.

✅ overcome potty discomfort or refusal

✅ free yourself from diapers and gain potty independence.

VIDEO 2 (Worth N10,000)

This video is priceless…

✅ Live Q & A session that answers many of the questions that might be running through your mind.

✅ More priceless tips on potty training.

BONUS (N10,000)

One of the questions I am asked most often by mums is how to handle their child’s tantrums.

Parenting toddlers is enough work, tantrums should not be an added burden.

In this video, you will learn 7 proven ways to handle and prevent your child’s tantrums.

At the end of this video course…

✅ No more bed-wetting. Your child can sleep dry at night without the odor of urine and feces filling the house.

✅ You’d be glad you successfully pulled your child through this phase of life.

✅ Your child will gain a sense of independence and self-assurance.

✅ You will save money on diapers going forward

✅ Your child will eventually learn to use the bathroom by him/herself, and you won’t have to clean up as many messes.

✅ Being toilet trained will give you peace of mind as a parent and more freedom to focus on other aspects of your child’s development.

✅ There is a happy feeling that you are taking an important step in raising them and that you are a present mum.

Total Worth = N50,000

Right, I know what’s going through your mind… “TEMI, there’s no way on earth I’m going to pay £60/$80 to potty-train my child”.

As much as that’s the real worth, I will not ask you to pay that.

I’d only request that you make an investment of a token to help your child through this phase with ease, so s/he can come out with a sense of independence and feeling of confident.

But just before I unveil the insane offer…

See more testimonials from real mums like you

Click on image to enlarge

These are testimonials from everyday mum like you. These people paid N30,000 yet they joyfully came back to testify. Don’t you want to testify too?

Time saved in your day, money saved in your wallet!

Yes, I know the total worth is this course is £60/$80 (conservatively), and if I had asked you to invest that amount it would still have been a steal compared to the value that’s inside.

How much would you be willing to pay for a training that saves you time, energy, money, embarrassment, and gives you peace, freedom and guaranteed success against all odds?

I’m sure you’re thinking hundreds of £/$ right now.

By taking this course, I can guarantee that you will potty-train your child under one month (worst-case scenario). This means you can save money on diapers for at least the next 12 months.

So, here's the deal...

Right now, I am offering you a discount of 50%OFF if you take action right away.

N19,999 [TODAY ONLY]

This is the least amount you spend on diapers on a monthly basis (if not more). Investing it on this course would probably be the best 20K you've ever spent.

Now that you have seen the value packed in the course + the deal, here’s the how to get access…

✅ Click any of the button below and you’ll be directed to the checkout page.

✅ Make payment via any of the online payment options. (Don’t be afraid, all our payment options are very secured)

✅ On the payment page, you can use either USSD or your card. When payment is successful, you will see a thank you page (I don’t take things for granted)

✅ You will then be redirected to your course so you can start watching and implementing the best potty training instructions you will ever take.

PLEASE NOTE: This N19,999 offer is only for a LIMITED TIME. If you don’t buy today, I can’t guarantee you another opportunity to invest this token because the price will go higher anytime.

TEMI, What Guarantee Are You Giving Me?


Potty training is an entirely new skill that your child needs to learn and I have the most effective method there is because most mums who took this course say they experienced remarkable progress in the first week. 

I can guarantee that:
– your child will be potty-trained in the shortest time.
– you will get more value than the investment you are making.

But I also agree that there are exception to every rule… All children are not the same.

If you watched the videos, implemented our approach and did everything for at least 30 days with no progress, kindly reach out to us.

Getting back your money will only mean giving up and the result will be another failed attempt.

Instead, we will troubleshoot, hold you by the hand and give you the support required the result in no time.

Read these testimonials…

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is a child (12 months up), a burning desire to get diapers out of your life, and a potty. Every other thing are stated in the class.

It really depends on you but we recommend between 12 months (if your child is already walking) to 18 months.

You have access to this video course for one year, within which I believe you must have been totally freedom and your child mastery in using the bathroom.

Every child is different but over 95% of the mums we work with experience remarkable progress in one week or lesser and 99% of the children are well potty-trained under 3 weeks.

We advise your child should be completely dry in the day before you begin the night toilet training

Absolutely YES. This course is suitable for any child that is 12months up.

When a professional nanny, of all people, couldn't hold it anymore...

She was so satisfied that she went on social media recommending this course to other mums

Still here? What's stopping you?

You have scrolled all the way down because you still have some doubts keeping you back from making one of the wisest decision you should for your child.

It’s possible you’re thinking about things like…

I should get it cheaper somewhere else.
Well, as much as you might think this is not cheap, investing a fraction of the amount you spend on diapers to save yourself from overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration is absolutely nothing.

I can find something useful on YouTube and Google. No doubt, but by the time you do, you would have kept yourself in the ‘diaper shackles’, spent so much time, so much money on internet data, no support or guidance and ultimately no results. And when you come back, you’d probably get it for N40,000. I wish you all the best.

I don’t think it’s wise to spend N19,999 to potty-train my child. Like seriously? Either you like it or not, you will spend the same amount (or more) on diapers in one month (or lesser) and your child will still not be potty-trained.

My child will train him/herself at the right time. This is one lie I have seen many mums boldly tell themselves. But when your child still bed-wets at an older, you won’t be able to say it out because of the shame and embarrassment it will cause you.

I can go on and on but I’ll stop here.

One thing I know is that this would probably be the best £30/$40 you’d ever invest in your parenting journey, if you take action now.

A quick recap...

At the end of this video course…

✅ No more bed-wetting. Your child can sleep dry at night without the odor of urine and feces filling the house..

✅ You’d be glad you successfully pulled your child through this face.

✅ Your child will gain a sense of independence and self-assurance.

✅ You will save money on diapers every month

✅ Your child will eventually learn to use the bathroom by him/herself, and you won’t have to clean up as many messes.

✅ Being toilet trained will give you peace of mind as a parent and more freedom to focus on other aspects of your child’s development.

✅ There is a happy feeling that you are taking an important step in raising them and that you are a present mum.

If you think Monisola and LagosNannies' were made up their stories, would you at least believe Monique who potty-trained her twins under 3 weeks?

If you are still not convinced, I’ll suggest you spend your hard-earned money on diapers for as long as it takes for you to find what you think will work (which will most likely be more expensive than this if it truly works)…

or spend it on something that you think will give you more satisfaction than being a present and intentional mum to your child.

There’s nothing more to say than to remind you that the 50% offer is only for a LIMITED TIME. And I don’t think you should miss this last button.

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