Understand and communicate better with your children in this digital age!

Wifi kids & Analogue Parents addresses the changes in the dynamics of parenting in this age and how to handle those changes. Written in a down-to-earth and fun manner, it provides the much needed guide for raising children in the digital age. It is so all-encompassing and highlights the pros and cons of the digital age, sex education for kids, understanding and communicating with children in the digital age, constructing boundaries, creating effective sleep patterns, among other salient issues bordering on parenting in the digital age.

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About The Mummy Coach, (Temi Olajide)

Temi Olajide is a Certified Child Psychologist , Parenting Coach, and Nigeria’s first Child Sleep Consultant.

She's the founder of Mummyclinicc, which hosts an online platform that provides strategies and result-driven solutions to the challenges of child rearing in the digital age.

The organisation help mothers to successfully combine the requirements of life and motherhood while responding correctly to the peculiarities of the digital age. She has successfully worked with over 4000 African mothers within two years, with note-worthy testimonials.

Temi is the author of Amazon fast-selling book; Wi-Fi Kids and Analog Parents, a comprehensive book that equips parents on how to raise well-rounded kids in the digital age in Africa.

She combines all of this with her role at her Job where she heads the Business Administration unit of the organization.

Remember, you can’t be doing the same thing and expect a different result.

The time you were raised is totally different from now. To raise the best version of your child in this digital age, you need to be equipped with the right information and tools your children can connect with to get the best out of them.

This book is a physical copy (not an e-book) and it ships to any location within Nigeria.

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