Discover simple, easy & practical strategy to achieve your dreams and become the BEST version of you, even as a busy mum

The facts are very clear: Global Dreams Index Survey revealed that 50% of the world's female population has given up on dreams and is not satisfied with their current lives


Dear mama,

Imagine being able to achieve all the dreams you had while you were younger (before marriage and having kids)…

What would life be like for you? Perfect, you say…

And I agree that it’s not an easy task raising the kids and going after your dreams too.

But they are both God-given assignments you need to do exceedingly well in. 

What you need is a proven guide that will show you how to make it happen… 

A guide that will keep you motivated in your pursuit to balance and excel at both critical assignments.

Does this describe you or your situation?

  • You always ask yourself “how long will I continue like this?”
  • You feel having kids takes away from your ability to achieve your dream
  • You desire to do something other than being a mum only… you want to be more
  • You want to achieve your dreams with your kids in your life, so you can leave them a legacy they can carry on
  • You don’t know how to go about achieving your dream
  • You know you’re made for more, but just confused or don’t know how to go about it
  • You want to dump all the excuses that have held you down so far and just achieve
  • You want an easy guide to your promised land filled with milk and honey
  • You want to be a successful mother and maintain your identity
  • You want to be a happy mum fulfilling her dreams
  • You have become resentful because you are not happy motherhood is stopping you from achieving your dream
  • You are embittered because your peers smashing their goals but you seem to be helpless
  • You want to balance family, life, and career/business

You are not alone!

Global Dreams Index Survey revealed that half the world’s female population has given up on dreams and is not satisfied with their current lives.

This survey was conducted online by Procter & Gamble in May 2016 among 5,484 women ages 18 years of age or older in 14 countries spanning 6 continents.

Now you know you are not alone. Right?

But that statistics is too shocking for comfort.

Satisfaction comes from achieving your dreams

In contrast, the results of that survey highlighted 82% of women around the world who pursue their dreams were satisfied with life and strongly identified personal definition of success with “doing what you love.”

Dreams have a high tendency to fade with age but adults who still dream are happier than those who don’t. You are not getting any younger. Are you just going to sit back and watch your dreams fizzle away?

It was not so from the beginning...

Let’s me ask you an honest question?

What was your dream while growing up? (probable more than one)

What is your dream now? (most likely none)

It’s easy to dream for your children… what they’ll become, the friends they’ll make, and their career. But dreaming for yourself? You’ve forgotten all about it.

I need you to remember; it was never like that from the beginning.

You had wild dreams. You aspired for great things. You were unstoppable. You wanted to be more.


You became a mum, and everything came to a halt. Almost as if you’ve forgotten how to dream.

All the dreams you once had fizzled away into the dark corners of your heart and you settled for being just mum.

You can be an exceptional mother and still achieve your dreams...

If you halt or give up on your dreams…

  • who is going to teach your kids to dream?
  • how are they going to learn that dreams come true with hard work and dedication?
  • how are they going to know what hard work, dedication, perseverance, and never giving up on a dream look like if you don’t show them by example?
  • what legacy are you going to leave for them in the future if you’re not working on your own dream?

Being a mum is wonderful and beautiful in so many ways. But it’s just part of the dream, it isn’t the ultimate dream.

You can be an exceptional mother and still achieve your dreams. They are both God-given assignments you need to excel at.

You totally can if you desire it and this is your ultimate guide.

"Because You Are A Mother"?

Have you ever been told that statement?

That statement…

  • applies a lot of pressure on you. I know that because I’ve been there.
  • makes you live a life that only conforms and thinks of others but yourself.
  • makes you give up your ability to dream and drains you of the courage to do what you really want to do.


But if you’re ready to break free and start achieving your dreams, this is exactly what this book will do for you

Everyone has their favorite brand of excuse for not achieving their dreams. WHAT'S YOURS?

  • Feeling that you are not enough
  • You are too old to begin again
  • You are too afraid to fail in the pursuit of your dream, so why dream at all?
  • You just want to be an average person/backbencher in the future
  • Motherhood is tough
  • People always saying you cannot make it
  • Afraid of leaving your comfort zone
  • Societal limitations and feelings of low self-esteem limit you
  • Life responsibilities have become more demanding

Dreaming big is a HUGE part of parenting...

This holds true because…

  • Dreams are where legacies are born.
  • Dreams make people real.
  • Dreams are where people see the impossible happen right before their eyes.


“Whatever your dreams and aspirations were even before having your beautiful children, they are valid.”

There are dreams in your heart that are there from childhood.

The dreams that grow with you, the dreams that make you light up like the child within you, the dreams that your heart longs for.

They never disappeared when you became a mum. But you get so caught up in the dreams of your children, that you forget the dreams in your heart too.

Those dreams are not meant to gather dust, they are meant to be pursued.

Just because you entered into the role of mum doesn’t mean your dreams have to disappear.

All the excuses that you make are common to other mothers, but if other mothers are tackling their obstacles to follow their dreams, then why aren’t you?

Why I wrote this book for you?

I’m Temi Olajide, an entrepreneur of 21 years, a life and business strategist.

I’m passionate about helping mums harness their full potential to achieve both business and life success. I’m married and blessed with two amazing kids.

My journey to chasing MY OWN dreams started nine years ago. Yes, I was doing fine, had it all going, but felt empty, like I was living for my husband and
children only.

Deep down I knew I was made for more and can be more but I just continued with life until I lost my first love, my dad, nine years ago at the age of 59.

Asides from my heart being broken, it became a defining moment in my life.

That was my wake-up call. A voice kept asking me several questions, Tope, if you go today, what have you achieved with your life? Will you die empty and happy?

What value or mark will you live in this world? I remember my dad telling me a few years before he passed on that he is a fulfilled man. 

What are you doing to fulfil yours? Will you continue to use your husband and children as an excuse for not achieving your dreams? 

Then the quest began.

My message is just to give you the psychological permission that you are made for more and can be more. There will always be a reason for you not to be, however there is always a solution to any challenge we face in life.

If you truly desire a way out, let us navigate this new journey together.

If you are not a mum, what would you be doing right now?

You were created to be more than a MUM. You were created to be a blessing to humanity with your other gifts.

Your writing, painting, counseling, consulting, speaking, and the various solutions you are meant to provide to the world’s ever unraveling problems.

About the book

What the Book will do for you?

  1. Paradigm Shift in Your Mindset:
    Your dreams are not weird, you only need a mindset upgrade to actualize it.
  2. Make Life-changing Choices
    Start making the right choices that will propel you to achieve your desired dreams.
  3. Dump Your Excuses
    Excuses are lies you tell yourself so that it doesn’t have to be your fault.
  4. Practical Strategies to Achieve Your Dreams
    Gain practical insights into proven strategies that will help you achieve your dreams.

Here's just a fraction of what you'll get from this book...

Break free from the patterns of mothering and discovering your true, most powerful self. This book is a beautiful and inspiring guide that will help you to do just that.

You are strong, energetic, and ambitious but you need a little push and motivation to take the next step.

The 5 practical steps I share in this book will…

  • help you dig out your dreams, take control of your future and achieve your aspirations
  • help you start dreaming again and reconnect with your forgotten dreams.
  • give you practical steps to achieve your dreams
  • motivate you to leave a legacy your children can carry on
  • hand you a blueprint to live a happy, fulfilled, and motivated life.
  • spark courage in you to take the next step forward
  • inspire you to pursue your dream with more freedom, ambition, and less concern for social conventions, just like you did when you were younger.

This is an extraordinary step-by-step guide that provides the right support and motivation you need to achieve your dreams, become YOU, and start living the life that you love as a MUM.

Your next step...

The “cost” of this guide is ridiculous, and you get it instantly as a PDF download.

WAS N5,000 / $10 / £7

But I want to make it even more ridiculous for the first 50 people to download today.

N2,000 / $5 / £3
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Only 14 downloads are remaining for today before the 60% discount will be removed. 

Why this ridiculous amount?

As a mother, I had always known that mums sacrifice their dreams for motherhood, but when I saw the Global Dreams Index study, I was scared to death. The survey revealed that over 50% of women don’t achieve their dreams. In order to help more women succeed, I decided to give this away as a token.

As soon as you order TODAY, you will be emailed a receipt with the download link. From there you can download the book and read it. You will enjoy reading it. No fluffs but straight to the point and very practical too.

Mama, this is what you've always wanted... Don't procrastinate!

You and I know that life happens. If you push this till later you are most likely to forget and before you remember, this offer might have been gone for good.

Just take a few minutes to order and download your copy right away.

Remember, a happy and fulfilled mum raises happy & fulfilled children, a frustrated & unhappy mum raises the same.

Everything in your life is a reflection of the choices you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.

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