Most suitable for mums with kids ages 6months - 3years.

A 1-Day Child Sleep Live Class to Overcome Bedtime Drama in 7 Days or Less

Get your child to go to bed early, sleep in their crib and sleep through the night WITHOUT feeding, backing, rocking to sleep or using sedatives.

Class holds on January 2, 2023 but registration ends soon.


Most mothers approach child sleep the wrong way

PRO TIP: This happens to 9 out of 10 mums..

You pacify, overfeed, dance & rock the baby endlessly but still end up sleepless through the night.

But when you learn the unique and effective way that Mummyclinicc teaches, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can put an end to the bedtime drama.

What you'll get from this 1-day live class

When you learn how to get your child to Go to bed early and sleep through the night in 7 days or less, you will stop losing your peace and mind.

At The MummyClinicc 1-Day Child Sleep Live Class, you’ll…


Learn the Mummyclinicc approach in a live session with Temi Olajide


Learn and understand rarely shared step-by-step secrets to putting your child to sleep without struggling


Leave knowing you have learnt the best approach that works for your child, spouse and you


Have the opportunity to ask questions about your child sleep challenges (this is PRICELESS)

The Whole Family Benefits From This Class...

Child sleeps well, mummy is well rested, and daddy has more couple time too. Everyone WIN!

3 Simple Steps to Conquer bedtime drama and Get Great sleep through the night


Register for the Live Class and choose the right age


Learn an effective sleep method that works in just 1 day


End bedtime drama, enjoy restful nights forever, become a present, happier and well-rested mum

Did you also believe these lies that have robbed many families of restful night sleep?

You've been told a lie that your sleepless night is a cross you have to bear as a mum. From constant night wakes to your child asking for ridiculous night snack and food requests.

You've been told its normal for children not to sleep early or through the night.

And the worst part is that you believed it hook, line, and sinker and accepted these as your TRUTH.

Here's the rarely-told truth you should believe though!

It has been proven that late bedtime can be responsible for children's reduced alertness, crying without no just cause, academic performance, poor behaviour/habits, temper tantrums and hyperactivity?

Helped 5000+ Families Since 2017

What If There Was a way out?

You want an end to your days/nights of overwhelm, exhaustion and fatigue for good, but you just don't know what works.

The help you need has always been around, it’s either you have neither made it your TRUTH or you’ve always looked away.

Seeing that many mums want to sleep-train their children but could not afford my online sleep courses, I have decided to lower the bar as a way of giving back to the society.

It’s MummyClinicc’s 5th anniversary so I am offering you a once-in-a-lifetime insane offer.

But you have to act fast so you don't buy at a higher price or even out rightly locked out.

Class holds on January 2, 2023
but registration closes November 30, 2022

Register Now & Lock Down Your Slot

MummyClinicc Online Sleep Course is normally priced at minimum N50,000 / £60.
But our 5th year Anniversary Special Offer affords you the opportunity to get upto 90%OFF, if you act fast.


N5,000 / £10


N6,500 / £15


N7,500 / £20


N10,00 / £25

Don’t Wait To Pay More
Time till price goes up to N10,00 / £25

Your Child Sleep Live Class Registration Includes:

Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered.

On the 2nd of January and time would be communicated to registered parents

No, you need to attend live and get your questions answered.

It works if you follow the approach that will be taught. The testimonials shared by other mums are enough proof

Customer Reviews

What our happy customers says

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Stop Bedtime drama and early morning fatigue

In 7 days or less, your child can start going to bed without struggle so can have more time for yourself and your hubby