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by being an intentional, consistent and present mum.

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Known as the No 1, child sleep consultant in Nigeria. We are an online platform that provides effective strategies and result driven solutions in helping you overcome your day-to-day mummy challenges.

From Sleep problems, potty training, tantrum and behavioral solutions, effective communication with your child, getting the best out of your child, get your child to go to bed early, confidence issues, sex education for kids, balancing work and home demands.

To make your mummy life more enjoyable, fun, less stressful while you raise well rounded children in this digital age to achieve both work and life success. We are passionate about helping every mum out there enjoy Mummylife by being an intentional, consistent and present mum.

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Certified Child Sleep Consultant

We are the first sleep training platform in West Africa , based in Nigeria.

Our goal is to help your child form independent sleep habits by arming you with information, no matter what stage or age your child is. We find the best way to address all of your sleep concerns.

Remember, it’s never too late to start getting age appropriate rest!

Quality sleep is not a luxury - it’s important for both you and your baby!

No matter your sleep needs, there's a package for you!

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