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If you're interested in enjoying mummy life, raising the best versions of your kids while you are achieving your dreams too, watching my FREE video classes is an enjoyable and excellent way to begin.

Watch for FREE, what I’d have easily charged thousands of naira for.

Being a mum could be very tough...

Motherhood could be very challenging, especially when you feel torn between two passions… raising phenomenal kids and achieving your dreams.

From Sleep problems, potty training, tantrum and behavioral solutions, effective communication with your child, getting the best out of your child, getting your child to go to bed early, confidence issues, sex education for kids, balancing work and home demands…

Finding time to do the things you want to do. Spending time with your family. Feeling unfulfilled in your life as a mum.

Having fun now feels abnormal to you...

Mum guilt always hits you hard when you’re doing something you know is a luxury, or just plain fun.

You always feel you have to sacrifice your happiness and dreams for your family. 

But what you don’t realise is that it takes a happy and motivated mum to raise happy and phenomenal children.

But now that you are here let’s fix that once and for all. Click the button below to see how we can work together.

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Hi, I'm Temi

I help mums find fulfilment in life, family, business & career...

Known as the 1st and No 1, child sleep consultant in Nigeria… I am the founder of MummyClinicc, an online platform that provides effective strategies and result driven solutions in helping you overcome your day-to-day mummy challenges.

We make your mummy life more enjoyable (not endured), fun, less stressful while you raise well rounded children in this digital age to achieve both work and life success. 

We are passionate about helping every mum out there enjoy Mummylife by being an intentional, consistent and present mum.

You know that feeling of relief when you enter a clinic and come out with the right medication for your ailment? That’s what I feel every time I have a session with Temi of MummyClinicc.

Her Sleep training course helped me to quench the chaos in our bedtime routine and bring the calm we desperately needed. 

She’s my go to strategist when it comes to thriving as a mum of three young children, she empowers me with useful ways to make my mum life easier so I can give the best version of myself to my children without feeling overwhelmed. 

MummyClinicc is a safe place for me to bare my heart and get clarity without judgement, only solutions. I always get much more than what I came for.

Founder, GraceToParent

Here's what mums say about MummyClinicc

Being a mum is a lot of work but I make it less stressful

Here are simple ways to engage with my resources or work with me to start enjoying your motherhood

Sleep School
Why fight at bedtime when my proven sleep-training techniques can help your child start falling asleep on their own, and have a peaceful sleep all night long.
Sleep-Train Your Child
Mummy Coaching
My proven strategies have helped over 40,000 mums across the world to achieve life and business success. You may be next if you click the button below.
Get Coached By Me
Courses & Tools
If you're looking to raise happy, motivated and confident children, I have developed numerous courses and tools that work for infants up to adolescents.
Explore Resources


Quality sleep is not a luxury - it’s important for both you and your baby!​

500+ mums have been helped by this sleep course and their children can now fall asleep and have a sound sleep through the night.

This course is free but only available for limited time.

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