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Sleep Mini-Course

When you are having a bit of a challenge creating a consolidated sleep pattern for your child, it is a sign that it’s time to sleep train the child.


The Intentional Mum Webinar [REPLAY]


How to Help Your Child Develop Positive Life Long Personality


New & Effective ways other than spanking


The New Mums Survival Kit Online Session


How to Understand Your Child, Get Them to Listen & Cooperate With You Without Shouting, Nagging or Spanking


How to Super-Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem/Confidence and Deal With Bullying


A Realistic and Practical Approach to Keep Your Child Occupied With Less TV This Season


How to Identify Your Child’s Learning Style & Use It to Your Advantage


Potty Train Your Child in the Shortest Time


How to Raise Brilliant, Happy, and Successful Children Even In Uncertain


Sex Education For Kids: Made Easy For Mums

KONWORDS – A Family Bonding Card Game
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How to achieve your dreams as a mum: 5 practical steps to becoming you
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WiFi Kids And Analog Parents (BOOK)
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7 Practical Ways To Get Your Child To Listen Without SHOUTING, NAGGING OR SPANKING [Ebook]
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The Happy Family Bundle
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Sleep Training

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Free Sleep Consultation

Schedule a free consultation where I’ll answer any questions you may have.

We will review your sleep needs and select a plan that perfectly suits you.

No matter your sleep needs, there’s a pack for you!

Mummy Coaching

As a parent coach, I work with you to help you embrace your identity as a mother while also honoring the unique challenges of the role.
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4 Weeks Support Via WhatsApp
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