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We have 100% success rate for parents that follow our suggested methods putting into consideration your family setup, child’s personality, parenting styles, specific goals and family needs with the cooperation of every family member. Be rest assured that you can work with us with full confidence.


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Most frequently asked questions and their answers

People don’t know about me until they need me! I’m working to change that so we can be proactive instead of reactive, but in the meantime, my job is to educate you and provide a custom sleep plan that allows you to foster a bond with your child through a routine and technique that implements healthy, independent sleep habits.

That depends on a lot of things. I consider your child’s age, temperament, living situation, your preferences, and how quickly you want this to work. I’m well versed in a variety of methods (some I created) and usually combine a few based on our conversations and intake form as well as what I’ve experienced success with.

Before the baby is born! Kidding, sort of. It’s okay to start promoting healthy sleep habits from day one and it helps to arm yourself with information so that you have a good understanding of sleep and newborn habits. Otherwise, I say let’s start when no one is getting the sleep they need and/or when your current routine isn’t working anymore. Don’t have a routine? That’s where I come in!

When we enter this consultant/client relationship, I expect communication and follow through on your part. I cannot guarantee results if you stray from the plan (outside of the tweaks & changes we discuss in our interactions). I expect you to follow the schedule and try to clear most of your plans for your subscribed time so that you’re 100% all in for the time we have together. Also, consistency – because that’s only fair to your child.

I will be notified of your purchase. I’ll then send an email with an intake form for you to fill out. After I receive that form, I’ll create your custom plan, schedule a plan discussion before you start and your subscription will start then or your specified date.

That depends on your definition of “cry it out.” In the traditional sense of putting your baby down and not going back in until the morning, no. Will there be some tears in the process? Absolutely. It’s not realistic to think an infant/child/toddler will never cry. I go over expectations, minimizing tears, and types of cries in my sleep plans so that you’re very prepared and know what to expect without leaving your child completely alone, ever. Your child should be loved and encouraged through the process but remember the more you do, the less your child does and that’s what we are working on changing! Crying tells you to respond to your child and that’s exactly what we will do. That doesn’t mean they won’t struggle with learning this skill. We will set them up to be successful with as little stress to mom or dad as we can!

That’s different for every child. You’ll need to speak to your physician about your specific child’s needs for feedings at night, but I can tell you that by promoting independent sleep starting off at bedtime, children are more likely to drop that feeding(s) with little to no help from you. Keep in mind that no one “sleeps through the night”, we are just working on decreasing the amount of times your child signals to you that they are awake!

I have not seen this happen; some kids take to it quickly and some take a little longer. This is why I personally work with you so we don’t get to the point of wondering if it will work or not.


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