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Are you sleep deprived, do you find yourself dreading bedtime, getting deflated feeling when you hear that first cry in the middle of the night, feeling so tired you can barely manage to get off your bed, feeling stress in your home? Know that you don’t have to live like that! It is not required for you to “just push through,” because “that’s how life is with young children.” this is not true!

Quality sleep is not a luxury- it’s important for both you and your baby! You want to be the best parent you possibly can to your children- this includes teaching them healthy sleep habits for life-long benefits, and making sure you are fully rested as a parent.

You don’t have to be in this alone- let’s do this together!

Our goal is to help your child form independent sleep habits by arming you with information, no matter what stage or age your child is. We find the best way to address all of your sleep concerns.

Remember it’s never too late to start getting age appropriate rest!

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– Does it take hours to get your child to sleep for naps or bedtime?

– Is your child waking up so many times during the night?

– Is your child extremely overtired/fussy/cranky during the day?

– Is your child always crying for no just cause especially mornings?

– Is your child having difficulty meeting the minimum sleep needs for their age?

– Are you having difficulty creating bedtime routine?

– Are you co-sleeping out of desperation?

– Do you dread the bedtime struggles with your child every single night?

– Are you having difficulty to transition your child to sleep in their crib/room

– Is your toddler up and out of bed multiple times a night, whether that’s right after you put them to bed or continue to wake several times before morning?

– Does your child rely on feeding, rocking, pacifier, backing etc to fall asleep and stay asleep every night?

– Are you constantly exhausted & tired in the mornings due to lack of sleep

– Do you want to be more productive, have ‘me’ and bonding time with your partner?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then it’s time to help your child develop great independent sleeping skills.

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Not sure if purchasing a sleep package or hiring a child sleep consultant would be a good fit for your family? Email us so we can decide together or book a free 15-minute phone consultation –

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[thim-heading primary_heading=”Benefits of Sleep…” secondary_heading=”What you and your child get with more sleep.” heading_style=”layout-2″]

– More Me time (selfcare) and bonding time with partner
– Quality time with your family
– Improved health & wellness for everyone in the family
– More patience and mood stability (less likely to develop anxiety and depression)
– Energy & overall well rested feeling.
– You become more productive and able to do the things you love.
– For older children, they concentrate better at school
– Improves mental, physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

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