The New Mums Survival Kit Online Session


A life and time-saving session for expectant and new mum of 0-4 months


We are preparing you for the new journey ahead with little or no surprise. Motherhood is an unending journey. Your child is a gift and blessing from God.



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A life and timesaving session for expectant and new mum of 0-4 months.

This Session covers: ⁣

  • What to expect as a new mum as soon as you arrive home ⁣
  • What to expect in the first few weeks after birth be it CS or VB ⁣
  • How to create great sleep habits and routine for your Baby to avoid sleepless nights ⁣
  • How to calm a crying baby ⁣
  • How to avoid been exhausted ⁣
  • How to be productive with your time when the baby is asleep ⁣
  • How to involve the dad & other family members. ⁣
  • How to create a safe environment for your baby & so much more.


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